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Wrong Fuel in your car! –  It’s a common mistake to make, in fact on average it happens every 3 minutes in the UK. If you have identified the mistake before turning your engine on our advice would be to NOT turn your ignition on as starting your engine will circulate the mixed fuel around your engine, which can cause more damage.

If your car normally runs on Diesel and you put Petrol in it, the fuel pump will ordinarily be lubricated by the diesel in order for it to run smoothly.However the petrol will act as a solvent, removing the lubrication and causing the metal parts to grate against each other. If you put Diesel into a Petrol car, the potential damage isn’t as severe but will still cause your engine to smoke and run badly, so it’s best to get the diesel out as soon as possible.You may be lucky enough to just need your fuel tank drained and filled with the correct fuel, however if you have turned the ignition on then this means that the fuel has circulated through the rest of the fuel system and other elements may be affected. Regardless of what fuel you have mistakenly used, it would be advisable to get your car recovered to a garage.


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