Winter Check

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Winter Check

Get your vehicle ready for winter.

Here at Motech Autocentres in Newbury will be happy to do it for you.

Have you ever wondered why so many cars break down or get stuck in winter?

In many parts of the UK, people are still not expecting any harsh winter conditions, but as climate changes, we have to adapt to changing weather conditions as well.

Unfortunately, many drivers are quite careless with their cars.

In times of on-board computers, the opinion prevails "My car will alert me when it needs something". But very often, when the vehicle's system reports a fault, it might be too late as you are already on the road - or the vehicle does not even start when you need it. You can prevent trouble with a good winter check.

Here at Motech Autocentres in Newbury we carry out winter checks for all vehicle types:

What to check

Windscreen washer: Especially important during the winter months because slush and salt can leave a dense film of grease on the windscreen.

Have a look at the screen wash level and refill if necessary to make sure, you will always have a clear view when driving.

Check the wipers as well and replace if necessary.

Coolant: make sure that there is enough antifreeze. The cooler consists of many thousands of small fins, through which the cooling water runs. If the water freezes, you will have to replace the cooler.

Also, if the radiator is not repaired immediately, the engine overheats, causing serious damage.

Engine oil: Do not wait until the on-board computer is telling you. The good old oil stick is still the most reliable way to control the oil level while checking the condition of the engine oil. If the oil level is low, refill now, but not above the maximum level.

If the oil is already dirty or there's foam on it, it's high time for an oil change.

Brake Fluid:

If there is salt on the road, it can happen that the brakes won't work efficiently. If the brake fluid is missing or if water has accumulated in it, the brakes might not work at all.

Brakes: Check if brake discs and brake pads are still in order. If not, change it immediately!


Low temperatures and battery power - unfortunately, this does not go well together. The colder the battery, the less power it has. A weak battery should, therefore, be replaced in good time before winter. If the battery is still okay, but already older than three years, you should get it checked.

Headlight: Check if there is water in the headlights (if so, replace immediately).

Headlight glass should be cleaned regularly during the winter.

Door Locks: Treat with graphite to prevent locks from freezing.

Door seals: When cold, the rubber becomes brittle and can break - especially if the doors are frozen to the rubbers.

Winter tyres:

If you live in an area with harsh winter conditions, you should definitely put winter tyres on your vehicle. But even in more "moderate" areas, you should consider a tyre change. At temperatures below +7 Celsius, the rubber compound of summer tyres hardens and therefore lose grip!

Important: If you are planning to go abroad during the winter months, remember in many countries, winter tyres are mandatory.

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