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wheel balancing

Why do tyres have to be balanced?

Tyres and rims are subject to high quality standards in production, but it can always come back to slight deviations that are within the limits of manufacturing tolerances. These manufacturing tolerances can lead to a so-called imbalance in a complete wheel. This in turn can cause vibration while driving and in the worst case even make the vehicle inaccessible. The tolerances are localised when balancing on the balancing machine and corrected by fitting weights to the rim, so that the wheel runs smoothly and the ride comfort is significantly increased.

If you are not sure whether the balancing of your wheels is necessary, we at Motech Autocentres in Newbury are happy to check your tyres for uneven wear.

Inspection of the wheels should be done at least once a year.

Advantages of Wheel Balancing

  • Higher mileage through even wear of the tyres
  • Significantly lower wear on the suspension
  • Higher ride comfort

What to look out for: Signs of imbalance

If the steering wheel vibrates while driving, it is possible that the cause is an imbalance on the tyre. As a result, the driving behaviour may worsen and even lead to an accident in the worst case.

Fuel consumption can also increase due to imbalances. Therefore, it is advisable not to ignore the first signs, but to respond quickly to avoid damage to the suspension.

Another sign of an imbalance is an uneven wear of the tyres. If the tyres are much more worn in some places, often even a new set of tyres is needed. Imbalances often arise due to the loss of existing balance weights. For example, a balance weight may be damaged and fall off when the rim touches a curb. A hard impact when driving through potholes can also lead to the loss of balance weights. Also your individual driving style can impact on the balance of your wheels with hard braking and excessive start up and stopping of your vehicle.

It is advisable to have your tyres inspected every time you change tyres. It is also important to ensure that this is carried out by a professional to ensure it is performed accurately and safely.

Make an appointment now at your Motech Autocentres in Newbury where will be happy to both inspect your vehicle and sort out wheel balancing when needed.

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