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Pirelli is an Italian manufacturer that has become an unavoidable player in the international tyre market in only a few years. Pirelli was founded in 1872; is registered at the Milan Fair since 1922 and stands out for its long industrial tradition, in which the combination of the capacity for innovation, quality and the pertinence of new products is at the centre of attention. For more than a century this manufacturer has been the symbol of innovation and high-end technology. The company owns 19 factories around the world and is active in more than 160 countries. To reduce environmental pollution, this manufacturer has a "green performance" policy, and mainly uses products and technologies that are ecologically sound. Pirelli has accompanied Formula One for countless years.

What can we say, Pirelli is a real classic and definitely one of the best tyre brands around. Many of our customers would “never go for anything less”.

Are you one of them?

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