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Most motorists know that it is very important to check their vehicle’s tyre pressure regularly. But very often, this check is being delayed for different reasons...

Why to check the tyre pressure?

Much of the damage caused to tyres is due to the wrong amount of air pressure in the tyre. This will not only cause wear but can also be dangerous. To have too little air in the tyre can result in an increase in the braking distance and overall reduces braking safety.

Fuel consumption is also increased because low air pressure has an effect on the rolling resistance – when rolling resistance increases, so does your fuel costs!

The tyre pressure should best be checked when the vehicle/ tyres are cold (means, when the vehicle has not been driven and warmed up too much).

If the pressure in your tyres is too high, this can result in reduced grip and also will wear out the tyre much faster - the profile wears off, and the tyre needs to be replaced sooner. Only if the load of your vehicle is significantly increased (for example when going on holiday and your vehicle is full of passengers and lots of luggage), then a higher tyre pressure may be necessary.

Which tyre pressure is right?

This is specified by the vehicle manufacturer and can be found in your vehicle handbook or on a tyre pressure table.

All modern vehicles are equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). It saves drivers from checking the air pressure because deviations are communicated electronically via the on-board system. For all newly registered passenger cars from November 2014, the TPMS is mandatory. A sensor in each wheel measures the air pressure.

If you need any advice regarding the pressure in your tyres, or if you want us to do a quick tyre pressure check for you, please come to see us. Our friendly team at Motech Autocentres in Newbury will be happy to look after your vehicle.

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