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The timing belt in your car is an essential component. A simple look reveals the wear, cracks or brittleness of the rubber. Since the timing belt is covered for protection, this inspection must be carried out by one of our Motech Autocentres specialists.

In addition to checking for obvious damage to the timing belt, each manufacturer prescribes specific replacement intervals.

The missed or even ignored change intervals quickly retaliate in expensive engine damage. The repair often exceeds the value of the vehicle.

Here at Motech Autocentres in Newbury, we repair/replace with original spare parts and expertly as specified by the manufacturer.

What exactly does the timing belt do?

The timing belt is the connection between the crankshaft and the camshaft and controls the valves on most vehicles (some cars also have a timing chain). If the belt tears or if teeth are skipped due to insufficient belt tension, the valve control stops working and your vehicle stops. In addition, the pistons can collide with the valves, which can lead to high repair costs.

With a timely timing belt change at Motech Autocentres in Newbury, you can prevent expensive engine damage.

Advantages over timing chains

  • Low noise
  • High durability at low load
  • Lower mass, therefore higher speeds possible
  • Easily interchangeable by mounting it outside the engine and checking for damage
  • No lubrication necessary (self-lubricating)
  • Closer wrap angles possible
  • No expensive (oil pressure loaded) chain tensioners required
  • Hardly elongation during its life, thus precise control
  • Lower costs

Disadvantages over timing chains

  • Higher wear, as only self-lubricating
  • Lower load limit/elongation at break (can suddenly break)
  • Belt tension must be checked regularly
  • Due to its resistance to oil, it can only be mounted on the outside of the engine, therefore longer engine length (additional shaft seals required)
  • Higher maintenance costs (regular replacement every 40,000 to 240,000 km, many engines require time-consuming and cost-intensive work: draining the coolant, removing the radiator, coolant pump, alternator, etc.)
  • Not as age resistant

At what intervals does the timing belt have to be changed?

The intervals prescribed by the manufacturer usually depend on a maximum mileage of the engine and a certain number of years if the mileage has not been reached during this period.


Depending on the manufacturer and vehicle model, these intervals are different. If you do not know the intervals for your vehicle, please contact us. We will check the intervals prescribed for your vehicle and will gladly check if and when the last timing belt change has been made.

How much does a timing belt change cost?

The price of a timing belt change varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and from model to model. We are happy to prepare an estimate for you, so you will not only know the costs but also about the required working time as well as the spare parts prescribed by the manufacturer.

If you require a courtesy car while we are working on your vehicle, this can be arranged in advance.

We could also collect/deliver within a 10-mile radius.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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