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The question of whether you should buy new summer tyres usually arises in the spring, just before Easter. From October to Easter - is a good indication of when you should switch from winter tyres to summer tyres - if only a rough one.

Switching to summer tyres

Basically, the time has come for summer tyres when the temperatures are around seven degrees Celsius and not falling below this. Then the tyres for the warm season fully play their strengths, and your car is safer on the road.

Why replace winter tyres with summer tyres?

In warmer weather, summer tyres offer significant advantages over winter tyres. The difference is made by the rubber compound, which hardens and with a special profile on the tread ensures optimum running properties. The summer tyres are optimally adapted to the warm season. This is especially noticeable in terms of braking characteristics and handling.

With better grip - both on dry and on summery wet road.

Summer tyres also play their part in cornering, where the tyres offer more driving stability. In addition, there is a real cost factor: due to their special and harder mixture, summer tyres, unlike winter tyres on warm asphalt, do not wear off so quickly and are therefore much more durable. The situation is similar to the rolling resistance. This too is much lower for summer tyres, which in turn helps to reduce fuel consumption. Further advantages are the significantly lower noise level and better driving comfort.

Minimum tread depth: when you should buy new summer tyres?

When you should buy new tyres depends, among other things on the mileage. This is primarily due to the tyre’s tread depth. Legally, the minimum tread depth should be 1.6 millimetres, however, we strongly recommend, the summer tyre tread depth should be at least 3 to 4 millimetres. Anything below this could have a negative effect on the driving characteristics and thus on the safety. Tip:

Other criteria for buying tyres include the EU environmental label, which manufacturers must use to provide their tyres. In addition to the energy efficiency of the tyres and the fuel consumption, this also provides information about the wet grip and the running noise in decibels.

We recommend that you store your winter tyres safely (our team can advise you on how to store tyres properly) after Easter and get your vehicle ready for the warmer season.

At Motech Autocentres in Newbury, we have a fantastic range of Summer tyres available – not only for cars but also for vans, motorhomes, classic cars and many other vehicle types.

Our friendly team is there for you 7 days a week and will be happy to help you decide on the right tyres for your vehicle.

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