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summer check

Time to free the car from last winter’s dirt and prepare it for the summer.

Here at Motech Autocentres in Newbury we offer a complete summer check (also called the Holiday check) to our customers.

Here is what we check and what you should be aware of:

  • We check oil level, coolant, brake fluid and windscreen wiper fluids
  • We also check the windscreen wipers to make sure they are still intact.
  • Tyres – if your vehicle has winter tyres, it would be the best time to change them back into summer tyres.

If you would like to use the summer tyres the vehicle had on before the change, we will check them thoroughly for any damage and sufficient tread depth before mounting and balancing them.

If you did not change from summer- to winter tyres, we will check the tread to make sure it is still sufficient and to detect any hidden damage. We will certainly check the tyre pressure as well.


We check and test the contacts and charge of the vehicle’s battery


We check for rust and other damage and advise you if anything needs to be done. We will test whether your vehicle’s air condition is still working sufficiently and whether the pollen filter needs replacing.

If you have any additional wishes or any concerns, please let us know.

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