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Performance tyres have had a steady increase in popularity and sales in recent years. There is now an ever-expanding market for tyres ranging from 17” that are carefully crafted to reach the special requirements for vehicles in the more high-speed performance vehicle sector. These tyres are manufactured in a way to give the user enhanced handling and ability to handle corners with ease. These specific tyres are designed to provide the driver with an exceptional level of high performance in all varieties of driving conditions. They have a unique tread pattern to them and are made out of a different rubber compound to ensure durability, performance and safety for a high-performance vehicle.

What makes performance tyres different?

Performance tyres are carefully developed for those who desire to travel at higher speeds and demand excellent handling. There are a number of different benefits to high-performance tyres that your average tyre doesn’t have these are: they give you shorter stopping distances, far more precise and accurate steering and traction, much better cornering stability for when you’re travelling at high speeds and enhanced grip to keep yourself and your vehicle safe. Your standard sports car will definitely really benefit from this different style of tyre as they are designed and made for a more sporty, enjoyable and dynamic safe driving experience.

Here at Motech Autocentres in Newbury, we stock a wide range of a variety of different performance tyres from your favourite high-end tyre brands across the globe. We are more than happy to help you with any queries and to guide you towards finding the best performance tyres for you, your vehicle and your high-quality driving needs.

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