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The exhaust system’s primary role is to remove noxious gases from the engine that have been caused by combustion.

When exhaust gases are released from a vehicles engine they emit several gases that are dangerous to us and to our environment.

If dangerous exhaust fumes enter the cabin of your vehicle it can be very dangerous for the passengers who might inhale them.

An effective exhaust system will ensure your car will run smoothly, is fuel efficient and reduces the risk of harmful emissions.

A vehicles exhaust system is designed to:

  • to filter dangerous exhaust fumes away from the vehicles cabin
  • to improve the performance of the engine
  • to control noise
  • to improve fuel consumption

Signs of an exhaust problem:


Rust is generally the most common problem to an exhaust. Rust can lead to the exhaust failing completely and also cause structural damage to the system.


If you hear any strange noise coming from the exhaust it could mean a bracket or a piece of the exhaust pipe has become loose. This will put structural stress on the exhaust system and can often result in damage to other expensive exhaust components.

Power & Fuel Efficiency

If your vehicle is losing power, this can signify that your vehicle has an exhaust leak. You might also experience vibrations when you touch your steering wheel or vibration in the foot pedal. These issues can both be a sign that there is a hole or corrosion to the exhaust. It may be that the exhaust system has become disconnected.

Fuel efficiency will be affected where there is leak in the exhaust. The fumes will not be carried away effectively making the engine work at higher temperatures. When the engine works harder and gets hotter, fuel efficiency suffers as a result.

With an exhaust system comprising of so many complex components it is important to ensure that your exhaust system is checked and repaired regularly. If you have any concerns that there may be an issue with your exhaust, do not delay in having it inspected.

Our specialist team at Motech Autocentres in Newbury will inspect and repair your exhaust system to keep you and the environment healthy!!

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