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engine diagnostics

At Motech Autocentres in Newbury, we can quickly and reliably detect faults in your vehicle.

Cars and other motor vehicles are becoming increasingly demanding technically and are presenting ever greater challenges to garages.

In the meantime, modern engine management systems electronically control the injection of fuel, thereby guaranteeing optimum engine performance and fuel economy at the same time.

Modern vehicles have increasingly complex electronic control systems that require periodic testing and optimisation to ensure your engine's efficiency. Our software is always up to date.

Today’s vehicles are manufactured with an Engine Control Unit (ECU), an on-board vehicle computer. The purpose of this is to monitor the many intricate systems of the vehicle and report back to the ECU with any faults that have been detected.

Using state of the art technology, our team at Motech Autocentres Ltd. can diagnose and repair your vehicle’s fault, quickly and effectively.

Why has my dashboard light come on?

There are many reasons that a warning light may have appeared on your dashboard, some of them will be minor issues, but some will be more serious and will require an immediate diagnosis.

In some cases, there may not be an alert to an issue but something else might make you feel that something isn’t quite right with your vehicle. Running a diagnostic check can provide reassurance that your vehicle is safe to drive.

What specifically is tested?

It will run a scan of the many systems of your vehicle and using special diagnostic devices; errors can be read, diagnosed and corrected. We check your vehicle with the latest engine diagnostic equipment and our expert knowledge.

Often it is only minor things that need to be repaired to avoid an expensive major repair!

What is included in the test;

  • Visual inspection of components related to any warning lights given
  • Complete system analysis
  • Research of Technical Service Bulletins
  • PinPoint testing
  • Diagnosis and repair

Our technicians at Motech Autocentres have the technology and the expertise to diagnose any faults and arrange a repair.

It pays to have it tested

In the long run, it can pay to arrange an engine diagnostic check which ultimately can save time when investigating a fault on your vehicle and might also bring your attention to any problems with emissions and fuel consumption, which otherwise would be missed.

Here at our Motech Autocentres workshop we use the latest technology to diagnose any issue with your vehicle quickly and effectively.

Diagnostics in Newbury – Motech Autocentres Ltd.

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