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When is the right time to change the clutch?

As a link between the engine and transmission, the clutch is an indispensable component. It allows both, starting the vehicle and changing gears. In addition, it serves as overload protection and damper for the tensional vibrations of the engine. But like almost every component in the car, the clutch is subject to wear. Once the individual elements have reached their lifespan, you will need to change them.

Change of clutch - when and why?

When the clutch starts to show signs of wear can heavily depend on the driver, driving profile and the vehicle. The clutch consists of a pressure plate, disengaging unit, flywheel and the clutch disc. That is why the clutch is one of the wearing parts of your vehicle. However, clutches do have a long service life.

Drivers, who keep their car’s clutch constantly pressed will increase the wear because the heat that builds will cause increased wear to the clutch disc. Anyone who has ever mastered a steep driveway with a permanently sliding clutch knows the pungent smell of a friction disc that has become too hot. Such manoeuvres do not do the coupling well and should be avoided to protect the material.

How do I know that a change is imminent?

If a replacement is imminent, you will notice the signs of a slipping clutch. In this case, the power from the engine cannot be completely transferred. Also, as an indication of a pending change due to a defective clutch is an increased power demand when changing gear. You may also notice a crackling noise that can be detected in the transmission.

Change of clutch - always in an expert workshop!

To change the clutch, the engine must be disconnected from the gearbox. The transmission is an essential support for the engine and care must be taken when removing the clutch so that the engine has a firm hold.

To ensure this is done safely, a clutch change must always be carried out by a professional using specialized tools. It should also be taken into account during installation that tightening torques specified by the manufacturer must be adhered to. All in all, therefore, it makes sense to leave this demanding and time-consuming task to the professionals in a workshop.

Here at Motech Autocentres we have the necessary experience and equipment to perform the task quickly and correctly.

Clutch service and replacement in Newbury – Motech Autocentres!

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