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Is your vehicle's battery not as effective as it should be?

A car battery's role is to supply the starter with power when starting the engine as well as to allow the operation of the electrical consumers when the engine is standing stationary. When your car battery fails, it will completely disable the car.

Although today's "maintenance-free" batteries generally fulfil their duty for an average of five to eight years, without any care and attention, these batteries will not continue to work as effectively and for as long as they are designed to do.

When should I take a look at the condition of my battery?

It is recommended that you regularly have your battery inspected before it comes to the stage that the car battery breaks down and the vehicle does not start. There is nothing more frustrating and inconvenient than a "flat battery"!!

There are usually some tell-tale signs that indicate a defective battery.

The first signs of slowing battery performance are usually problems starting the engine. You may experience losses during radio reception or weak lighting (headlights, instruments) can also indicate a disturbed electrical supply in the car. You might notice these symptoms disappear again as soon as the battery is supported by the alternator, and this is a sure sign that the battery is beginning to fail. If these symptoms reappear the next day, it further fuels the suspicion of a defective car battery.

At Motech Autocentres, we can inspect your battery in the following ways - an electrical test which will measure the battery's voltage. Our team can then deduce whether the problem is due to a low voltage, to a sudden discharge of the battery (complete unloading in a short time), to the alternator or the starter.

The optical inspection of the battery mainly evaluates contamination by dirt, oil or corroded battery poles. In particular, the oxidation crystals that form at the poles of the car battery can lead to increased electrical resistance.

Dirt can cause leakage currents that cause a gradual discharge or even a short circuit. Repair is no longer possible after a short circuit. Here only a change of the faulty car battery would help.

However, regular maintenance allows every driver to avoid major problems with a faulty battery.

At Motech Autocentres in Newbury, our team can help you diagnose problems with a failed or defective car battery.

We always have a wide variety of quality batteries available, so we will help you to be on your way again in no time.

Battery service in Newbury – Motech Autocentres!

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